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Medicare for XTANDI

Medicare covers oral cancer medicines like XTANDI under the Part D prescription drug benefit. Because cancer medications like XTANDI are "specialty" drugs, your out-of-pocket costs for cancer medicines may be different from other drugs typically dispensed at a retail pharmacy. Out-of-pocket costs under Part D vary widely from plan to plan: some plans require patients to pay a flat copayment amount, while others require patients to pay a percentage (coinsurance) of the cost of a drug. Depending on your financial situation, you may be entitled to lower out-of-pocket costs under the Low-Income Subsidy available under the Medicare Part D prescription drug program.

Part D plans sometimes require certain steps, like prior authorization, for specialty drugs like XTANDI. XTANDI Access ServicesSM can help your doctor with these types of requirements.

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If you have questions about coverage or paying for XTANDI, call XTANDI Access ServicesSM at 1-855-8XTANDI (1-855-898-2634).