Support for Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Overview of Support Options

In addition to the Astellas Access ProgramSM, which provides VESIcare at no cost to patients meeting the program eligibility criteria, support may be available for insured patients who have trouble affording their out-of-pocket (OOP) expenses for VESIcare. Subject to meeting eligibility requirements, patients can receive support with their expenses for VESIcare through manufacturer-sponsored product-specific programs.

Manufacturer-Sponsored Financial Support

Some manufacturers provide product-specific financial support through patient support cards, vouchers, or coupons. Subject to meeting eligibility criteria, patients can use these product-specific programs along with their prescription insurance to reduce their cost share obligation when having prescriptions filled. As part of our ongoing commitment to patient access to therapy, Astellas has developed the Momentum Program for VESIcare to provide support with the costs of VESIcare for eligible patients.

Terms commonly used:

  • Coinsurance: the percentage of expenses for medical and prescription drugs that the patient pays
  • Co-payments: a set dollar amount the patient pays at the time of service for medical services and prescription drugs
  • Deductibles: an annual fixed dollar amount that is capped per the patient's health insurance policy and must be paid by a patient before their insurance will pay for medical services and prescription drugs
  • Health insurance premiums: the cost for participating in the plan that the patient pays, usually on a monthly basis
  • Selected out-of-pocket healthcare costs: other costs like transportation for medical care or over-the-counter medication


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